Small, remote-first events for growth practitioners

Remote-first dinners for growth folks

The first 100 Stripe integrations, the first 1000 Gymshark hoodies, the first 100k Paytm transfers. For those of us who enjoy building, few things spark more joy than growing something you believe matters.

I've always loved breaking bread with fellow practitioners, but it wasn't until recently that I tried taking dinner remote-first. Surprisingly, it worked incredibly effectively!

So with GrowthChats, I'm inviting a few growers and builders to share dinner at my virtual table. Each event will feature an interview with a guest before breaking up into small groups for further conversations.

Each event is limited to 25 active growth folks and generally sells out in under 24 hours.

Event format

5-30 mins before-🚚🏡Dinner delivered to your desk
50 minsFireside Chat🍲💻Enjoy dinner while listening to a fireside chat with our speaker of the evening
10 minsFireside Questions🍲💻Audience questions with our speaker
60 minsSmall group discussions-💻4 sessions x 15 minutes with 5 person groups

Want to join?

To maintain the quality for all attendees, GrowthChat events are by invite only. Please do apply below, and I'll look forward to reviewing your application!

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Thank you!

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